The DioField Chronicle

The DioField Chronicle Launches September 22

Square Enix announced The DioField Chronicle is set to launch this September. While there is no official Western release date, the news lists a Steam version for the same date.

Set in a world blending fantasy, medieval and modern sensibilities, the world is run by the Shaytham dynasty and the Kingdom of Alletain. DioField Island has seen peace for hundreds of years until one day they are thrust into a world of peril.

With the Kingdom of Alletain being rich in Jade, the mineral is used in magic and sorcery as an ingredient, drawing the eyes of some of the biggest players to the island. As the leader of an elite group of mercenaries called the Blue Fox, what will become of them?

Square Enix is also releasing a demo this August that is supposedly set to include the first chapter of The DioField Chronicle with your save data being carried over to the full game.