The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Set To Launch This Summer

In the first chapter of The Dark Pictures anthology, we were introduced to the Man of Medan, a ghost ship story that gave Luke “a few goosebumps” in his review. In the second chapter, return to the world of The Curator, a mysterious man who you meet in the game.

Set within the small town of Little Hope, a supernatural force haunts four students and their college professor. It’s a tale of survival as the group is stuck in the town with a mysterious fog surrounding the town. The game stars Will Poulter (Midsommar, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch) and you’ll control five characters to stay alive and uncover the secrets of Little Hope, an occult-driven town full of evil.

The Shared Story mode and the Movie Night mode, enabling multiple players to share their story online or offline, will also return alongside the standard Theatrical Cut and the Curator’s Cut.