Street Fighter 6 Colonel

The Colonel Is Frying Up Competition In Street Fighter 6

All the spices, all the chicken, all the combos, all the fists

You are seeing and reading that correctly: Colonel Sanders is now available in Street Fighter 6.

If you are a fighting fan and have been playing the game, you know the robust character creator can produce some wild combinations. KFC Canada says they were inspired and, along with AOR Courage, brought Chef Colonel Sanders into the game as a downloadable fighter.

Also, using the avatar, you’ll get a little something from the fast food restaurant. What they call “turning combos into combos”:

Starting on July 6th until August 31st, players who don The Colonel avatar can get any combo they want at KFC. Players can use recipe code WWS6V5MQQ. on Street Fighter 6 to play as Chef Colonel Sanders then complete a hit combo, record it, share it and tag @kfc_canada for a chance to receive a $50 gift card for delicious KFC.

Sure, it may not be a fully fleshed-out Street Fighter 6 character built from the ground up, but it’s still pretty damn sweet. The iconic Sanders is ready to duke it out in the franchise’s latest entry.

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