The Closed Beta For Sea Of Thieves Begins On January 24

Sea of Thieves is going to have a closed beta that will begin on January 24 and will run until January 29. With the March 20 release approaching, Rare wants to get those servers ready for retail launch, so having an open beta is a good way to see if their servers can handle the load that comes with a bevy of players.

For five days, you can explore the seas as you sail and sing sea shanties, and engage in many actions including plundering treasure. The closed beta is available to those who have pre-ordered the game or joined the Sea of Thieves Insider program that was available before the beginning of December.

Lastly, there is surprisingly no NDA attached to this beta, where usually, those who enter have to be sworn to secrecy and not talk about what they see and do during their time in the game. Rare is encouraging players to stream the game, take photos, share videos, and get the word out about Sea of Thieves.

Will you be part of this closed beta?