the caligula effect 2

The Caligula Effect 2 Launching on PS5 in Fall

NIS America has announced that The Caligula Effect 2 will release on PS5 consoles this fall, no details if the port will come with some enhancements like other new-gen console games but if that’s the case we’ll probably have to wait and see to hear more.

For what The Caligula Effect 2 actually is, it has a bit of Persona influence as players are out into the shoes of a group of high school students they find themselves in a virtual world controlled by an Anime AI known as Regret. The kicker is that you and everyone else are stuck playing out your high school days FOREVER, a truly hellish scenario if you ask me. There is a way out though as your character sets out on a journey to end this nightmare simulation by joining the Go-Home Club but Regret’s minion will attempt to stop in the game’s turn-based gameplay that again has all the Persona energy to it.

The Caligula Effect 2 first launched on October 19th, 2021 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch players and would launch on PC later in June of last year on Steam and the Epic Games Store. It’s not the only The Caligula Effect game coming to PS5 this year as the first game,  The Caligula Effect Overdose is set to launch on PS5 on May 30th so if you’re looking to get the series natively on PlayStation’s newest console through the 2023 releases on then you won’t have to wait too long.