The Biggest Gaming Developer You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

In the video gaming world, we’re used to seeing a select number of developers top the charts in terms of revenue, popularity and awards. From Tencent and Ubisoft to Activision Blizzard and Nintendo, the industry is filled with familiar names. Indeed, if we look back to 2017, the best-selling game according to data published by Forbes was Call of Duty: WWII from Activision. However, did you know that there is a games developer that’s probably created more than the aforementioned companies put together?

The Sleeping Giant

Now, the interesting thing here is that you’ve probably never heard of them if you’re a hardcore console gamer. Why? Well, this company comes from the other side of the gaming spectrum, namely the casino gaming sector. Known as Playtech, founded in 1999 and listed on the London Stock Exchange, this company is one of the leading casino and betting software brands in the world. Much like the more familiar gaming brands, Playtech is a third-party supplier, which means it provides the technology that casino operators use.

In the first instance, Playtech creates casino games. Thanks to licensing deals with the likes of MGM, Marvel and HBO, this company is able to create amazing gaming software based on the latest TV, movie and comic trends. Not only that but, in among Playtech’s 500 gaming options, the company has embraced the latest tech innovations. So-called live dealer tables not only provide real-time entertainment through a series of webcams and RFID chips but a more authentic gaming experience.

An Important Cog in the Online Betting Machine

In addition to creating games, Playtech runs its own networks for progressive jackpot slots (a communal set of games with a shared jackpot) and poker. Through these networks, Playtech has been able to establish even deeper roots and become a necessary part of the casino world, rather than just another supplier.

What’s more, thanks to innovations like Playtech ONE, which creates an omnichannel service, letting players pick up where they left off in any game on any device, you start to see why this developer has become a leader in its field. Indeed, Playtech itself generates annual revenue of $994 million but its contribution to the online betting industry is even greater than that. By supplying the games, technology and networks for the biggest brands in the world, Playtech has helped create a multibillion-dollar industry.