The Best Dogs in Gaming

Today marks International Dog Day, a day to celebrate our four-legged friends and all the good they do for us. We often take our pets for granted but without their love and support, we wouldn’t be as well off as we are I believe. What better way to honour dogs than to talk about some of the best in video games?




With the upcoming release of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on September 3, my mind wanders to one of my personal favourites – Angelo, Rinoa’s trusty pet dog. Did you know that Angelo is in fact, a female and her name are Sant Angelo di Roma. Her design is based on one of Tetsuya Nomura’s co-worker’s dogs, a black-tricolour Australian Shepherd. She accompanies Rinoa for most of the game and uses Angelo in battle against enemies. Rinoa’s Limit Break also includes and is able to learn new tricks through six issues of Pet Pals magazines found around the world.



Next up is Koromaru, an albino Shiba Inu from Persona 3. Originally a stray found by Fuuka Yamagishi, Koromaru joins the SEES team as they explore Tartarus. Koromaru’s original master was a local monk who died six months prior to the team encountering him at Naganaki Shrine, they eventually take him in and a special Evoker is made for Koromaru to channel his Persona. Using a knife and battle and being able to summon the Cerberus Persona when needed, Koromaru is an exceptional ally to the SEES team and is extremely loyal to those he holds dear.



The best boy from Fallout 4, Dogmeat is a German Shepherd who accompanies your character as you explore the Commonwealth. Dogmeat was easily the best part of my playthrough and knowing he was just behind me or helping ensure I didn’t die when facing off against Mutants is reason enough to love this dog. Dogmeat is also able to track enemies and is another shining example of being loyal to those he is close to.