The All Hallows’ Dreams Event Begins

In September, Dreams creators were tasked with creating spooky rooms and jack-o-lanterns for the October event, All Hallows’ Dreams.

A lot of the work you’ll see was made by fans all over the world and the event is set to begin tomorrow, October 15, 2020. So, what can you expect starting tomorrow? A lot of community-built haunted houses and a lot of various stylish interpretations. According to this post, many of these haunted houses represents what Halloween means to them.


You are able to explore the houses at your own pace and Media Molecule is focusing on ensuring players move at their own pace. You’ll be able to select which floor you want to visit in any order, so if you want to revisit a favourite, it’s only a few button clicks away!

And to keep up appearences and because it is Halloween, you’ll have to dress up and choose between several outfits.

If you prefer to explore the pumpkin patch, that’s something you can do, too. Various creators were tasked with carving their own pumpkin and so far, the results are good. Media Molecule confirms the entire pumpkin patch is explorable and pumpkins range from spooky to cute to silly.

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Lastly, there will be new Halloween inspired Imps making their way to Dreams tomorrow. The new Imps will be available for all players to keep, but you can only receive them if you log in to play Dreams between October 15 – October 31.

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