Testament: The Order of High Human

Testament: The Order of High Human Launching On PC on July 13, Steam Next Fest Demo Now Available

Developer Fairyship Games has announced that its upcoming Skyrim-like game, Testament: The Order of High Human, is set to launch on PC next month. PlayStation and Xbox versions are also in development, but no specific release date was revealed. Now July seems so far away, but PC players can get their first taste of the game as a demo is already up on Valve’s PC storefront as a part of Steam Next Fest.

Now if you need to know more before diving in, Testament: The Order of High Human is a story-focused first-person action-adventure RPG that takes us to the land of Tessara, where players are inserted into the boots of Aran, the king of High Humans and play his role as the realm’s guardian. Aran sounds like a pretty powerful guy, huh? Well, he was until life found him in the Alps as his brother, Arva, decides to betray his flesh and blood while stealing all his powers which results in Tessara plunging its way into darkness and quickly turning from a Fantasy to a post-apocalyptic fantasy world.

That’s not where our hero’s story ends as Arva picks himself up while planning to confront his brother and regain his powers in the most ‘magical’ sibling face-off. To do that, the player must upgrade Aran’s sword, bow, and magic abilities while developing Arabn’s own unique fighting style alongside ” a variety of destructive and elemental combos” to take on the upcoming huge threat. Players will have 16 magic abilities (single-target spells, traps, AoE attacks, DPS attacks, and defensive spells), a magical bow with four different types of ammo, 18 consumables, and the game’s Eclipse System. Check out the trailer below to get a better look at the game.

Testament: The Order of High Human will also feature 40 main and side quests to tackle as the player experiences the game’s “strong and engaging storytelling with a nonlinear narrative style” with the game being developed by a 15-person team at the US-based studio.

“It’s amazing to unveil Testament: The Order of High Human’s launch date after the best part of five years in development. The reaction to the first trailer we put out last month has been immense, and we hope players are going to like our ‘melting pot’ approach of tipping Testament’s hat to some of the biggest adventure games from the last decade in play,” Fairyship Games co-founder, Moe Naderi said in a press release.

Testament: The Order of High Human will launch on PC via Steam and the Epic Game Store on July 13, 2023.