Testament: The Order of High Human

Testament: The Order of High Human Announced

Developer Fairyship Games is working on Testament: The Order of High Human, a first-person Metroidvania set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world.

The developers say Testament combines God of War and The Elder Scrolls with Dark Souls. It is currently in development for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Players take on the role of Aran, the king of High humans in Tessara, where he serves as the guardian of the realm. Aran, betrayed by his brother Arva and robbed of his powers, is thrust into the darkness with monsters taking over the lands.

You’ll work to restore your powers and confront your brother Arva to restore order to Tessara. The protagonist uses a bow, sword, and magical abilities, which can be upgraded to fine-tuned for your play style.

“The best way to describe Testament: The Order of High Human is to say it’s a big melting pot of the best elements from some of the biggest adventure games from the last decade,” says Moe Naderi. “if you take God of War from 2018, throw in some Elder Scrolls, and a slice of two of Dark Souls for good measure, all played out in first-person, and you’ve got the world of Testament in a nutshell.”

There are over 15 magical abilities, including AoE, DPS, and defensive skills, tons of sword and magic combinations, and a bow with four ammo types, including normal, ricochet, explosive, and passthrough arrows.

Additionally, there will be platforming and unique areas that may remind you of 2D platformers. An Eclipse system is described as “gameplay entities called eyes of darkness, and it consists of 3 different gameplay mechanics that can work separately or together to deliver exciting encounters and challenges.”

No word on a release date for Testament: The Order of High Human , but it sure looks like it is picking up steam and is something to watch for.