Terraria Re-Logic

Terraria Developers Donating Thousands In Response To Unity Policies

And Terraria isn't even built on this engine!

The response to Unity’s proposed developer pricing changes has been… mixed at best.

Many gamers and devs have considered the model that would charge creators a fee each time a title is installed on a device. It’s an unprecedented move and one that could severely impact indie studios. Re-Logic is one of those teams, the creators of the hugely popular game Terraria.

In a statement posted to their social media accounts, they say the developer “unequivocally condemns” the new fee structure and refers to the decision by Unity as “predatory moves.”


And the team is putting their money where their mouth is, donating a significant amount to two other game engines that many indie devs rely on GODOT and FNA.

Re-Logic says it will donate $100,000 each to the open-source engine and add $1,000 in monthly donations. This is significant, considering these engines rely on donations to keep running. Terraria‘s devs are hugely successful, so supporting other industry workers is an excellent show of support.

The statement goes deeper and reads in part: “The flippant manner with which years of trust cultivated by Unity were cast aside for yet another way to squeeze publishers, studios, and gamers is the saddest part. This wholly unnecessary move pushes things into the tragedy category – a cautionary tale the industry will not soon forget.”