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Tencent Increases Investment Into Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment received notification that Tencent has increased its investment in the Finnish developer by crossing the ten percent threshold.

Revealed on the studio’s official site, Tencent now holds 2,005,716 shares in Remedy Entertainment or nearly 15 percent.

Tencent purchased 3.8 percent of the Alan Wake developer in 2021, then increased its stake to just over five percent in 2022.

The pair are working on a new title, Codename Kestrel, which sees Tencent publishing the Remedy-led game. It will be a premium title previously described as a free-to-play title.

Remedy’s most recent title, Alan Wake 2, was a critical hit, and in our review, we said that it “is a bold, risky sequel that respects the player by delivering a captivating tale. In the decade since the American Nightmare expansion, Remedy has seen some lows but has bounced back tremendously. Alan Wake 2 is a brilliant follow-up to a cult favourite game that respects the player’s ability to focus and keep up with the plot. What you see is a culmination of nearly thirty years of talent brought forth to deliver an experience that very few other developers can provide.”