Tencent Acquires Techland As Majority Shareholder

Dying Light developer Techland has revealed Tencent has purchased a majority shareholder in the company.

The news comes from a blog post from Techland’s CEO Paweł Marchewka, where he starts by saying. “Whenever I think about the future of Techland, I want the best for our games, the team, and you. And while I am very proud of our achievements as an independent studio over all these years, I believe the best is yet to come.”

Marchewka says he has always wanted Dying Light to be the ultimate zombie experience in video games, with multiple adventures and ways to push solo and online modes to a new level.

Techland’s new open-world RPG is to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps, and the team hopes it can live up to the expectations they have set out for it. To do that, the studio has to find like-minded partners to help Techland work on its vision and help back it up with knowledge, experience, and capabilities.

Enter Tencent, a majority shareholder in Techland. This allows Marchewka and his staff to continue working on the “execution” of its visions. Additionally, Techland retains full ownership of its IPs, creative freedom, and operating as they have previously.

Tencent continues to pick up western studios as it has picked up Back 4 Blood’s Turtle Rock Studios and, most recently, Destruction AllStars’ Lucid Games.