Techland Reveals Dying Light 2

Dying Light was a massive hit when it launched in 2015, and Is pent dozens upon dozens of hours exploring, stomping, and all around enjoying my time with the zombie game. The game was so popular, that Techland is still supporting it with new content three years on, and followed up with a stellar expansion that introduced new elements and locations.

It was only a matter of time before the studio had to move onto a sequel, and now feels right. During the Xbox E3 press conference, Chris Avellone was on stage to announce the game and talk about and some of the new mechanics within the game. To start, the sequel takes place 15 years after the original Dying Light, so it is unlikely we will see Kyle Crane return as the protagonist.

Avellone has worked on a multitude of titles including Fallout: New Vegas and Divinity: Original Sin 2, and Planescape: Torment, so he knows how to write a narrative. The new gameplay hook Dying Light 2 is that choices matter, and so if you decide to help out residents in the game and giving them water, the district will flourish and grow. If you decide not to help them, and sell water through the black market instead, the area will crumble and be overrun with zombies. It’s neat and you need to watch it in order understand it.

There is no date on Dying Light 2, but likely we will learn more soon!