Atlas Fallen

A Teaser Of Atlas Fallen Gameplay Surfaces

After Focus Entertainment and developer Deck13 teased gameplay for today, at 7 AM this morning, we got our first glimpse of Atlas Fallen.

While I half expected a deep dive into what fans would expect from the game where you battle supernatural creatures with your abilities. The dust-covered realm is filled with mysteries, ruins, and secrets to unfold and discover, too which will likely require your abilities to access.

A blog post on the PlayStation Blog explains more about this world. The world of Atlas uses Essence at its core with all organic things and particles of sand made of it. An ancient form of magic is built from Essence but the knowledge has been lost until the protagonist discovers a Gauntlet uses to control it.

The Gauntlet allows the wearer to control Essence, allowing them to manipulate objects, structures, and elements as well as reassemble and destroy things.

The Gauntlet is malfunctioning so it needs to be restored by finding two components –  the Catalyzer and the Shards. With more Essence, the Gauntlet becomes harder to control and the Catalyzer is needed to channel the Essence into the Gauntlet. Broken into pieces, you’ll need to find the Catalyst Pieces and restore them to fix the Gauntlet.

There are tons of details in the post linked above so be sure to check it out.

Furthermore, Focus revealed Atlas Fallen Signature Edition, limited to 100 copies. It comes with a laminated wooden frame printed with exclusive artwork by Deck13’s Artistic Director, James Lowe, an official certificate, and a copy of the game that includes the “Ruin Rising Pack.” On PC, it’ll be a Steam key while console editions come with a physical copy with the exclusive artwork on the cover.

Atlas Fallen will launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam on May 16.