Tales of Destiny 2

Fan Translation Group Lumina Tales Hits Pre-Beta on Tales of Destiny 2 Translation

Lumina Tales, a group of Tales of fans, is working on localizing some of the Tales games that have yet to reach the West.

The current project, Lumina Destiny project is co-led by jenachuu and straylize.

Both Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut and Tales of Destiny 2 never left Japan despite fans asking Bandai Namco to translate and localize them. The Lumina Tales team aims to honour the iconic series by bringing them to the masses via their localization.

According to the About the Team page, the Lumina Tales team is not just translating the titles but also making quality-of-life improvements.

A March 2, 2024 post indicates progress is going well with the team spending much of 2023 on subtitling the 621 skits in Tales of Destiny 2. They’ve also been “tinkering” with a way for subtitles to be tailored by the player.

A hurdle the Lumina Tales team faced was the Quiz Book, an in-game test players can interact with to quicken themselves on the Tales of series. It seems to be resolved with an assortment of bugs appearing throughout and now a new patch is coming to beta and a group will test the patch shortly.

“Currently, we’re playing through the first few hours of the game emulated and on hardware to double-check that things are looking good and working properly. Once that’s finished, we’ll officially begin beta testing,” says the blog post.

Once the beta testing begins, the team plans on live-streaming the first few hours of Tales of Destiny 2. 

Furthermore, if you’re wondering why Lumina Tales is working on Tales of Destiny 2 before its predecessor, that is simply a logistics thing as Lifebottle, another fan group, has almost translated it. The scenario files and skits are 100 percent translated as of this posting.