Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise Will Launch This September

After a few delays, the next game in the Tales of series is ready to reveal a launch date but it won’t be until later this fall: September 10, 2021. Thankfully, the delay has added current-gen editions so the game is also coming to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 along with the already announced PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC ports.

An article from the Japanese magazine Famitsu has a wealth of information on Tales of Arise and not only did we get new screenshots but the reveal of two new characters.

Per Gematsu, here is a list of things mentioned in the article: Producer Yusuke Tomizawa mentioned that development is going smoothly and they are in the final “adjustment” stage, and he is confident no more delays will happen. On PlayStation 5, there will be DualSense support using the controller’s haptic feedback. An example given is how you’ll feel the difference between using different versions of magic like lightning vs fire magic.

Fans who purchase the game on Xbox One and PlayStation 5 will receive a free update to the current-gen, and the game supports both performance mode (60 FPS) and graphics mode (4K resolution). Anime scenes in the game are produced by Ufotable and feature the largest amount of cutscenes in the series so far.

Two new characters were revealed: Rinwell and her companion Fururu, and Rowe. Like Alphen, Rinwell and Rowe are from planet Dahna. But while Alphen and Shionne are adults, the new characters might be younger. Expect more party members to be revealed in the future. Famitsu also revealed a new enemy named Biezo, who is a malevolent being and one without a conscience.

In battle, there is something called “Boost Attack,” which can be performed in battle if you complete the required conditions. Each character has its own set role and effects and you control a single character, before unleashing a support attack and teaming up with others. Similarly, “Boost Strike,” is a finisher move that will open once the enemy’s health hits a certain point and it depends on the combination of party members and is considered to be different from Mystic Artes.

Mystic Ates, Artes, and Skills will return but will be unlocked in a different way than previous games. Evasion is a huge component in battle now and you’ll learn to dodge attacks and then follow up with attacks against enemies. Producer Tomizawa mentioned that battles will be speedier and be able to see how an enemy plans to attack, giving you the chance to counterattack them, there’s also an auto-battle functionality for those who might not excel at action games.

No more victory screens! That’s right, a staple of the series, these screens would rate your battle and reward you based on performance. Now, you’ll jump in and out of battles immediately but also be able to hear conversations between characters after battle.

There are more field actions available this time around, including free jumping and swimming and lastly, there is consideration of a demo being made available but it all depends on how things go with the pandemic.