Tales of Arise

Information on Tales of Arise Should Happen in 2021

For the Tales of series’ 25th anniversary, Bandai Namco hosted an anniversary special livestream on the series’ YouTube channel, the most notable tidbit from the stream was an interesting tidbit pertaining to Tales of Arise.

The update was shared by Tales of series general producer, Yusuke Tomizawa, who gave fans a better idea when we’ll hear more about the game.

“Today, we won’t be able to share new information on our new title for consoles. Development has been underway with all that has been going on in 2020,” Tomizawa said during the livestream event.”We are making preparations to share all sorts of new information in 2021.”

Tomizawa hints that fans can expect an update from them more so in the second half of the anniversary then the first half, which could be anywhere from mid-June to mid-December. It’s very possible for series’ 19th entry to come out in 2021 but fans will have to wait and see if that will be the case.

Tales of Arise was initially announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC back at E3 last year during Microsoft’s press conference at the trade show.

It was initially slated for a 2020 release but was delayed indefinitely to allow the developers to “to utilize the latest technology and as well as appeal to both series fans and RPG fans who haven’t tried Tales.”