Tales of Arise

Tales Of Arise Expansion “Beyond The Dawn” Announced At PlayStation State Of Play

The New Chapter Hits On November 9, 2023

Today’s State of Play brought a big surprise by announcing an expansion for Tales of Arise, titled Beyond the DawnTales of Arise was a massive hit for Bandai Namco when it launched in 2021, with the expansion set to take place a year after the first game’s events. It’ll be focused on a new character, Nazamil, who is both Dahnan and Renan, two worlds that were at odds in the base game. The expansion promises over 20 hours of new story content.

Interestingly, there won’t be a direct save transfer, as the developers wanted folks to hop into the expansion regardless of the level or skills attained. A set of skills and items will be provided from the start, and players with save data from the base game will be rewarded with bonuses such as money and skill points that can be used to help spec out the characters players like.

“This is the first DLC in the Tales of series that is a direct continuation of the main story in this scale. We will discuss what players can expect from the storyline and why we made the decision to create it,” says Yusuke Tomizawa, Producer at Bandai Namco.

“In this title, you can experience a new story and adventure set in the world after the union of two worlds. You can enjoy the story of a new encounter with a girl named Nazamil and experience the reunion of Alphen and his parties to confront the fierce destiny she has followed.

The new storyline is enormous, and I spent more than 20 hours immersed in this new narrative experience during the test play, taking my time to re-explore the new world that has been merged into one. Our goal with this title, and one thing we were sure of during the test play – is that for players, this new experience would be similar the feeling you get when you watch a movie and it turns out to be a good one,” continues Tomizawa.

Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn will be available on November 9, 2023. A bundle will also be available at a discounted price for new players to the game. More information can be found on the PlayStation Blog.