Tako no Himitsu: Ocean of Secrets

Tako no Himitsu: Ocean of Secrets Kickstarter Live

Tako no Himitsu: Ocean of Secrets from Deneos Games is a GBA-inspired RPG you’ll likely be able to play in 2026. A Kickstarter is live with a demo available on Steam.

The Kickstarter asks for $73,744 and has 30 days before the campaign closes. At the time of this article, Tako no Himitsu: Ocean of Secrets has $24,986 funded and will have a physical edition available with help from Pix’n Love.

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Fans of Golden Sun and Illusion of Gaia will want to watch for updates. Created as a tribute to the Game Boy Advance, you’ll embark on a quest to face traumas and save the world dealing with shadows from the past. With six characters to play, you’ll uncover their stories and explore a world ravaged by shadows. The protagonist will befriend and train Octopuses to aid in battle, deal with puzzles, and more.

Using real-time combat, you’ll fight shadow monsters and swap between characters to adapt to enemies to gain the upper hand. You’ll work toward discovering the secrets hidden by Shadow War while doing your best to restore the light to the world.

Composers Motoi Sakuraba and Masanori Hikichi will contribute music for Tako no Himitsu: Ocean of Secrets. A demo with around one and a half hours of gameplay is available on Steam.