Wytchwood is indie comfort food. Reliable gameplay and cozy atmosphere make for a nice palette cleanser in between 2021’s biggest titles.
Take a moment to appreciate once again that the bulk of Evan's Remains comes from one person. This game is Matías Schmied's colour-soaked love letter to the Japanese graphic novel.
When you are making a slice-of-life simulator, your greatest worry should be that you've provided enough of an alluring experience to keep players coming back to your game day after day. The need for a reason to boot Calico up once or twice a day just currently isn't there for me. In short, there's a lack of urgency to the game that ruins a lot of the experience for me.
We Should Talk is not a Netflix Original, but it's as close as a game can come to a binge-able social commentary, the likes of which the company would produce. This isn't likely going to be an experience for everyone, but it offers one that straddles pop culture and real-life enough to provide a strong commentary inviting us to do what its name suggests.