Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer Mario Kart Watches Cost More Than a Real Go-Kart

Tag Heuer returns with another Nintendo collaboration this time featuring two Mario Kart-themed limited edition watches.

The Swiss-based luxury brand mentions this is a Chronograph Tourbillion — a watch that uses a mechanism that continually rotates several components inside to counter the effect of Earth’s gravitational pull. This essentially boils down to making the main function of the watch — telling time, precise.

The Tag Heuer website states registration is open until October 17 with early access beginning on October 20 for the Chronograph model which retails for $4,300 USD ($6,000 CAD). If you’re looking to buy the Tourbillon Chronograph model then be prepared to drop $25,600 USD ($35,000 CAD).

It’s also mentioned that the Chronograph model uses steel whereas the Tourbillion Chronograph is enshrined in titanium. Furthermore, these watches are limited edition with the Chronograph model limited to 3000 units and the Tourbillon mode limited to 250 units.


I like the overall design of the Formula 1-inspired design. Both watches include several features the iconic red ‘M’ for Mario on the crown and Mario in his kart. The Tourbillon watch also adds a blue shell and Bullet Bob. A series of easter eggs are hidden where the date is shown as it turns to show items like the Super Star.