Taco Bell Canada

Taco Bell Canada Teams Up With Twitch To Make A Mess

Food streams are… well, they are a lot more popular than they seemingly should be.

I’m going to level with you. Watching gamers cook on stream seems to be the young people’s equivalent of watching Food Network. I get that. Am I aging myself with that? Do kids these days watch Food Network? What’s Guy Fieri doing these days?

Back to the point! What was it again? Oh, right, have you ever watched someone eat on stream? If you have, have you ever thought to yourself, it’d be great if I could have their napkin to frame and put on my wall!

Well, Taco Bell Canada has thought about that… because that’s kind of exactly what they are doing. 

To mark their entry into “gaming,” the taco slingers are… well, they’re making marks… on bibs.

Twitch streamers MtashedTheStefSanjati, and DeadlyCreatorYT will be eating Taco Bell on stream, sporting a bib provided by Taco Bell. 

Mtashed’s stream has already happened, but the two others will be streaming their eating on Thursday, August 4th, and Friday, August 12th, respectively.

During the streams, viewers who take part can donate Bites, gift Subs, or spam Taco Bell emotes to be entered to win a grand prize. Grossness warning: the winner takes home their favourite streamer’s bib, sealed and framed with all its remnants on display. Should the winner find this a muse, Taco Bell is also giving away all the fixings needed to create their own bib full of mess.