Synduality Announced At State Of Play

Bandai Namco showed up today during the latest episode of State of Play, as we got a Tekken 8 reveal and new IP Synduality.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Yosuke Futami, a Producer at Bandai Namco took some time to introduce exactly what Synduality is.

“It all started a couple of years back when our team grouped together and passionately discuss how can we break ourselves into—or even break the whole barrier, of the sci-fi genre,” says Futami. “With the emergence of technology these days, and how artificial intelligence slowly becoming more prominent in our daily lives, we were particularly interested in how humans and AI would interact with each other in the future. Will they coexist? Do they have the same belief in feelings or sense of emotion? Can they intertwine? Those were the questions that eventually became an exodus of this project, and hopefully, you would join us to figure out together the adventures that lie ahead of them.”

Synduality is set in a dystopian future where poisonous rain and disfigured monsters are overrunning the world. With your AI partner, you must work together and reclaim what humanity has lost. The game is set in Amasia in the year 2222 and it has been years since Tears of the New Moon wiped out almost all of civilization. Amasia is an underground haven where the last of humanity lives and where the AI named Magus is discovered.

In this world, you play as a Drifter — someone who makes a living collecting AO Crystals, a rare resource that can only be obtained on the surface. Each mission you take you to use your Cradle Coffin, a vehicle to get you mobile with the choice to personalize the Cradle Coffin’s appearance, weapons, and more.

On the battlefield, Enders will cross your path and attempt to stop you from gathering AO crystals. You’ll use weapons to fend them off, and even immerse yourself in PvPvE battles while playing online.