Synapse Launches July 4 For PS VR2

We knew that PS VR2 would receive the immersive shooter Synapse sometime soon. And now, we know that it’ll be on July 4th.

We also know that it’ll come packing a sci-fi smorgasbord of a story that casts you a highly trained operative uniquely qualified and equipped to extract the information from the brain of the nefarious Colonel Peter Conrad [scary name, dawg!] 

Colonel Conrad is about to cause Armageddon, so you should get on with extracting the information needed to stop the attack.

Today’s big news is that while he has a frankly dumbly American name, Colonel Conrad will have a solid voice. David Hayter is confirmed to bring his unique bravado to being the baddie. 

“I love diving into the role of a powerful antagonist, particularly one with a compelling back story, because those roles are the biggest blast to play. So, when nDreams approached me about playing the Colonel, I saw a deeply complex character and an opportunity to create a truly unique, gaming experience. And going toe to toe with Jennifer Hale is every voice actor’s dream. I cannot wait to face you in the battlefield of the Colonel’s mind on July 4,” says Hayter.

In case you didn’t pick up on the other significant drop, Canadian and Citadel advertising extraordinaire Jennifer Hale voices your handler, Clara Sorensen. And it seems she’s just as happy to go toe to toe with Hayter.

“A couple of things drew me to Synapse. The first was that the game looks amazing – the team at nDreams have done a fantastic job, the writing is excellent, and the visuals are AMAZING, plus the team is really great to work with.

The second thing that called to me was the opportunity to help defeat David, which I will always say yes to 😎. I’ll see you when you report for duty on July 4, Agent.” Hale adds.