Square Enix’s Symbiogenesis NFT Trailer Still Makes Me Say No Freakin’ Thanks

While Square Enix is throwing some mighty big sales figures at a large slice of the developer’s catalogue, the company is doubling down on NFTs by releasing a new trailer for Symbiogenesis. The only lacklustre thing here is the continued support for blockchain games.

Announced last year, Symbiogenesis is Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda’s swan song before departing in June. The oddball project is described as “narrative-unlocked NFT entertainment,” and will be “a completely new form of NFT-based entertainment, where 10,000 collectible artworks meet real game utility.”

The description doesn’t bode much interest either, “Symbiogenesis will offer a unique experience built around digital collectible art that is tied to a storyline players will unfold in a virtual (turn-based) adventure. The art evolves with each strategic move a player makes. The project is set on a mysterious floating continent where unique storylines unravel based on information obtained by holding digital collectible arts that represent different characters. Players can unlock numerous engaging stories about this secretive world and its inhabitants by holding or trading digital collectible arts and can earn them by completing various missions.”

In reality, I can’t see many people willingly being excited about this project. I know I’m already over the idea behind NFTs and my deleted messages in my trash bin prove it — the absurd pitches around NFTs have dwindled recently but Square Enix didn’t seem to get the memo that the average consumer and quite frankly, the community at large does not care about NFTs.

Square Enix has a teaser site available and the website is set to go live on March 17 with a ‘Free Mint’ campaign kicking off where the first 30,000 customers receive a free NFT.