Sword of the Sea

Sword of the Sea Announced

The fourth reveal of the PlayStation Showcase today was Sword of the Sea, an exclusive title coming to PlayStation 5 from Giant Squid.

“Sword of the Sea is our most ambitious game to date. Taking place in an abandoned realm where the terrain flows in constant waves, Sword of the Sea features a brand-new movement mechanic: the Hoversword. The Hoversword controls like a snowboard, skateboard, and hoverboard all in one. Build momentum to achieve great speeds and catch big air as you explore skatepark-like ruins, lost in the tides of the Necropolis of the Gods. The Hoversword embodies the feel of snowboarding and skating games, but in an entirely new context of adventure.

You are the Wraith – resurrected in a desolate world and tasked with restoring life to it as you explore submerged ruins and the vibrant, varied cultures within. Surf through sinking tombs, mysterious shipwrecks, and petrified battlefields – and bring giant shoals of fish and creatures back in the process. But beware- this land is also home to massive leviathans that will stand in your way,” says Matt Nava, Founder at Giant Squid.