Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo Switch Pro Will Use DLSS, OLED Screen to Power New Console

Nintendo Switch’s mid-generation upgrade, referred to as the Switch Pro by analysts is reportedly set to launch later this year and will include updated internal hardware under the hood, according to a new Bloomberg report.

The Switch Pro will adopt an improved Nvidia chipset which will bring a load of enhancements to the hardware like improved graphics, processing, a better CPU, increased memory and will allow the system to use Nvidia’s DLSS technology. The tech, previously limited to a few games on PC, uses an AI that upscales the resolution of games, in theory, it pretty much allows developers to hit higher graphical settings and better frame rates without dealing with any performance issues.

The selling point of the hardware, which has been rumoured since 2019, is that the system will upscale 720p games in handheld mode to 4K when docked. DLSS on Switch will allow developers to do that, even though it has been a struggle for them to get games to run on Switch at 720p.

It should be noted that DLSS support is manually added to Switch games which will be used to improve graphics in upcoming released games, according to the publication’s development sources. According to analysts, the 4K capable Switch could cost as much as $399.99 USD – approximately $502 CAD – when it launches, a competitive price to the new consoles.

The last time heard about the Switch Pro this year was earlier this month, which revealed the revised hardware would feature a 7-inch OLED screen, a significant improvement over the Switch’s 6.2-inch and the Switch Lite’s 5.5-inch LCD screen in not just size but for the quality of the screen as well. The OLED screen on the Switch Pro is sticking to the 720p resolution like its hardware predecessors which will overall lead to less energy consumption than a 1080p screen.