Survivor Mode Coming To Far Cry Primal Next Month


Still playing Far Cry Primal? You’re in luck! We’re getting a survivor mode come April 12, arriving as a free content update patch.

“The idea of doing this mode actually started from the team, saying they wanted to create this mode based on feedback they got from the community,” says Thomas Simon, Far Cry Primal’s game director. “The keystone of that survival mode is the change in the exploration, crafting, and difficulty of the game to make it even more realistic. After that, there are options the player can activate to go further.”

“We’ve also decided to make this combo of Survivor and permadeath available at any difficulty level,” says Simon, “so even players that don’t necessarily like to play extremely hard difficulty modes can still enjoy the change of experience in Survivor, and also try permadeath if they want to.”

In addition to Permadeath, we’re getting a stamina gauge that makes portagonist Takkar temporarily slow and weak when the gauge runs out. This can only be restored by sleeping at a camp site. There will be no map either, leaving you to learn the lay of the land to survive.

There’s more coming, too, so check out the full post over at the Ubiblog.

Far Cry Primal is available now on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.