Surprise Drop: Dragon Quest’s Hero Arrives Today

Today during a short live stream, Masahiro Sakurai announced that Dragon Quest’s Hero is out today for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, coinciding with the launch of version 4.0.

In a brief 20-minute video, the director of the series, began by talking about the history of the Dragon Quest series, explaining the series began in 1986, and how it populated the RPG series around Japan and reiterated Dragon Quest XI S is out in September. Next, the Hero draws near – all four heroes! We get the hero from Dragon Quest III, Dragon Quest IV, Dragon Quest VIII, and Dragon Quest XI. Each has their iconic weapons included, and a colour variation for each. Sakurai provided code names for all of the heroes: Eleven, Arusu, Solo, and Eight, so you’ll have an easier time recognizing them.

Also coming with the update are six Dragon Quest songs and a new level called Yggdrasil’s Altar. It’s available today for $8 CAD as part of the Fighter’s Pass, which is roughly $32 CAD.

Some tweaks included in 4.0.0 is that final smash metres now have a time limit. There’s also an online tournament mode, Mii costumes, and a prediction mode for spectator mode which pays out rewards if you’re right, a new “easy” mode for World of Light, and more.

You can find all of the information for version 4.0.0 here.