Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World Sure Looks Like Fun

Universal Studios delayed the opening of Super Nintendo World in Japan due to the ongoing health crisis the world is facing. Oh, and Japan is currently in lockdown at the moment. But just because things are closed doesn’t mean others can’t be enjoying the park. During a special preview event that brought together a handful of people to see the park and said people were able to film their time at the park.

Sure, it may not be the same as visiting the park and going on the rides yourself but it’s a fine alternative to get an idea of what to expect. I’m a big fan of rollercoasters and have been wanting to visit Canada’s Wonderland to get on some rides but the virus is making that impossible.

A few of the rides at Super Nintendo World involve the use of special AR glasses on some of the rides. The latest park using various technology to deliver a more intimate experience to visitors through the use of augmented reality and the Power Up Band which is how you collect coins at the park and access the rides.

These videos are from Universal Park News Todays, a YouTube channel that was at the preview event. The channel includes a dozen videos of Super Nintendo World and some of them without the need for the AR goggles.

Koopa’s Challenge sure looks like it’s a fun ride and I’m sure I’d love it way more if I was there in the seat. There’s also Yoshi’s Adventure ride that is an on-rails exploration of Yoshi’s Island and the models are massive recreations of Mario’s beloved friend.

I suggest checking out all the Universal Parks New Today videos but here are a few that caught my eye and I’m hoping that when the park arrives in Orlando at some point, these make their way to Florida.

Walking through the underground sections of the park:

Trying to find the hidden Pikmin around the park seems like a great way to ensure you see everything:

Playing music on the Note Blocks at the park: