Super Mario 64

This Super Mario 64 Guide is Incredible

Before the internet and well into the 2010’s I was an avid collector of video game strategy guides. I’ve collected some of the most amazing games and their companion guide books. There’s nothing like being able to dive into a well thought guide full of hints, stunning artwork, and beautiful screen captures to gawk over while playing a new video game.

Seeing this stunning guide for Super Mario 64 uploaded by Comfort Food Video Games to is a walk down memory lane. Alongside my next door neighbour, together we spent a lot of time playing with the Nintendo 64 and a lot of the accompanying games the system had at launch. Nothing like the launch title Super Mario 64 however, has come close to the joy I felt playing video games.

So, seeing the rare Super Mario 64 Complete Clear Guide Book make its way online is nothing short of incredible. The guide is more than just a walkthrough as it features tons of commentary, it had some impressive looking diorama of the stages and familiar backdrops found in-game.

There hasn’t been anything like it since that I am aware of but it certainly is a highly sought-after bit of memorabilia. Seeing many of the familiar stages recreated for this guide is such a delightful way to revisit one of the most iconic games on the Nintendo 64.