Sunsoft Is Crowdfunding Three Famicom Titles

Per Gematsu, legacy studio Sunsoft is working on crowdfunding three video games from the Famicom era via Campfire. The campaign begins on July 14 and throughs through August 31.

The three Famicom titles Sunsoft wants to port are Kanshaku Tamanage Kantarou no Toukaidou Gojuusan-tsugi (1986), The Wing of Madoola (1986), and Ripple Island (1988). All three titles are somewhat obscure, and have never seen a release outside Japan.

Sunsoft plans to port these three video games to the PC and Switch if the campaign proves successful, with physical gold cartridges for the Famicom to commemorate the successful campaign.


“Overcoming the long hiatus, Sunsoft declared its revival last year with the title “SUNSOFT is back!” Following the delivery of the first “Ikki Unite” this year, in 2023, we announced the second new work, “Hebereke”.

Therefore! I want to make a revival like Sunsoft and spread retro games in the world of Reiwa…! With that in mind, we decided to launch a revival project for three titles from the early 80s on the Famicom.

It may sound premature, but our ultimate goal is our next goal!
When the next goal is achieved, Sunsoft’s starting point, the Famicom Cartidge, will be revived in the Reiwa Era! And if it comes true, I would like to challenge the longed-for golden cartridge” that I couldn’t make at that time,” says the Campfire campaign.