Suikoden II Is Out Today!

I never got the chance to play this when I was younger and only really got into the series with the third entry, Suikoden III. As of today, that changes as Suikoden II is not available for $9.99 on the PSN store.

“We have heard our fans and found the perfect opportunity to bring the game to life again, as part of the PS one Classic collection,” said Tomohiro Uesugi, President of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. “We are sure that players will enjoy this chance to replay, or play for the first time, one of our most beloved titles.”


Suikoden II is the second installment in the Suikoden series. Originally released in North America in 1999, the RPG featured a rich plotline with a large cast of characters. The combat consists of up to six in a single party, and features a dynamic battle style where multiple team members or enemies can attack simultaneously. The game also offers players a unique magic rune and skills system that encourages players to perform combat moves with strategy in mind.


The story centers on an orphan Hero with friend Jowy and his orphan sister, Nanami. These three are found in the middle of a war between the Highland Kingdom and the City States. The team embarks on a journey that questions their preconceptions of life, society and war as they gather the 108 stars of destiny (characters), who will help them on their quest. With potentially life-and-death decisions that need to be made by the user, the game’s story takes twists and turns and develops based on the decisions made.


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