SUBWAY Canada Celebrates National Sandwich Day The Best Way Possible


I’m sitting at my desk in my office eating the new SUBWAY® Carved Turkey sandwich and it’s delicious and so festive! I wanted to let you know about a new initiative that SUBWAY® Canada is working on. This new initiative brings into focus an issue that many people in the world face every day. It might not be something you’ve dealt with personally, but it affects many and is likely an issue most take for granted.
Before getting started, I wanted to share some stats, available to everyone.
• With more than 550 food banks and 3,000 affiliated programs, Food Banks Canada helps more than 1.7 million Canadians in communities across the country this year.
• Did you know $1 helps to provide 3 meals acquired by Food Banks Canada?
• Food bank usage is up 26 per cent since 2008.
• 80,000 people visit food banks for the first time each month.
• Food Banks Canada is committed to increasing its users’ access to fresh foods. Currently, 40 per cent all foods distributed through the food bank are perishable items.

SUBWAY restaurants will be partnering with Food Banks Canada and on National Sandwich Day, Thursday, November 3, 2016, the sandwich chain will donate more than 303,030 meals to Food Banks Canada. This is the first national meal donation from SUBWAY Canada to Food Banks Canada and is a very welcome and humble gesture for our fellow Canadians.
Over its history, SUBWAY has focused strongly on giving in local communities as franchisees get involved in initiatives that support their neighborhoods. This history made Food Banks Canada a natural fit as a national charitable partner as they also focus on helping within local communities and are increasingly concerned with providing fresh foods to those in need.

“We’re moving into an incredibly busy period for food banks so this donation from SUBWAY restaurants couldn’t have come at a better time,” says Pam Jolliffe, Executive Director, Food Banks Canada. “Our partnership with SUBWAY is a huge opportunity for us to not only ensure our shelves can be stocked but also to drive awareness of the increasing need for support on a national scale.”

We want our readers to get out there and do good for our fellow Canadians. So on Thursday, November 3rd, go purchase a sandwich and drink and you’ll not only get another one to share. SUBWAY will also donate a meal to Food Banks Canada for each sandwich sold! How incredible. While we can only hope for the best from each other, this is the time to start giving back.

There is an increase in usage at food banks in Canada, and it seems to be going up each year. This isn’t the way it should be going. We want to give our readers a chance to do good, so we’re going to give one of our readers a $50 SUBWAY Gift Card so you can take part on National Sandwich Day. I hope that with this some good can come of the situation. No one should go hungry, and the steps SUBWAY is taking to ensure more families are fed makes a great impact.
So what can you do? We want you to spread the word, too! Donate to your local food banks, tweet the word out, tell your friends and on Thursday, November 3 don’t forget to visit your nearest SUBWAY restaurant to take part in the giving! Take the time to spread the word – let’s all get involved in making food scarcity a thing of the past.