Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin’s New Trailer is Unforgettable

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is looking like it’s going to be one heck of a strange ride. 

 The Warriors of Light and protagonist Jack Garland — um-hmm, that Garland — are on an adventure to save a reimagined land of Cornelia from the evil entity known as Chaos. Uncharacteristically of Jack, he’s saving Princess Sarah… instead of… [spoiler warning] kidnaping her and setting into motion the events of the opening act to the original Final Fantasy.

While this game is intended to be an alternate retelling of Garland’s origin story with characters and classes not seen in the 80’s original — including two new classes, Berserker and Samurai, speaking of first looks, the trailer gives us our first really impressive look at the Lich and the Kraken — two new enemies joining the Malboro and the… [sigh] Tonberry.

The Kraken will play as a rushing enemy that steals buffs and uses its long tentacles and water-element attacks to cause havoc. True to its namesake and its lust for cheating death, the Lich will inflict status ailments upon the party and bring to life deadly skeletons.  

As for the new classes, Berserkers gain added attack power and the ability to wield axes and greatswords, but sacrifice potion-use abilities. 

Meanwhile, the Samurai excels at generating and replenishing MP needed for grand spells and abilities. 

Stick around for the latter half of the trailer because you definitely need Garland walking soulfully through a cornfield to the dulcet tones of Frank Sinatra.

Finally, we are learning more about pre-order bonuses! PlayStation players will have early access to the game starting 72 hours prior to the launch on March 18th. PC players will be able to jump in 24 hours prior to launch. Pre-ordering will also score you the Braveheart Sword and the Lustrous Shield — gear resembling that of Final Fantasy’s iconic Hero of Light. Purchasing the game early will net you the Rebellion sword — a greatsword resembling Garland’s legendary weapon of mass Chaos.