Strange Brigade Gets Photo Mode

While Strange Brigade went under the radar for many, it was a solid shooter that doubled down on the insanity and sold the old-timey shtick well. I had a literal blast mowing down undead, setting up traps for them and watching them shred themselves in tiny pieces.

So I’m glad that the game is getting support and it’s getting some real soon! That’s right, later this week there’s a new photo mode coming in which you can use to take photos of your findings are you explore tombs while blowing mummies into the next life.

Also, there’s a new difficulty mode available for those who crave the added challenge! Extreme mode makes for a new way to play as now you are required to think about your next move or risk losing it all.

Lastly, players can experience the final piece of content called The Thrice Damned DLC via The Thrice Damned Part 3: Great Pyramid of Bes and Maharani Huntress Character Expansion Pack which will be released on Tuesday, November 27.