Stonefly is the Next Game from Flight School Studio

Revealed earlier today, Stonefly is coming and it should be on your radar if it already wasn’t. From the developer who released Creature in the Well last year, the studio’s second game is an entirely different endeavour.

You’ll play as Annika Stonefly, you’re on a journey to recover a lost family heirloom. Annika is a budding inventor so you’ll be using some of her inventions to navigate the flora and fauna to find what she’s in search of. As you see in the trailer, Annika and her people are not the same sizes as you or me, and if you compare them to the Borrowers or The Secret World of Arrietty, I’d totally be with you on the comparison.

IGN has a great first look on Stonefly, the preview mentions that the world takes place in a forest world, and the heirloom Annika is looking for, will push her out into the bigger world of Maple Canopy.

Gameplay details are scarce but some outlets were given hands-off demos of Stonefly. A few examples I found include that you can move Annika in and out of her mech. When out of the mech, Annika can talk to her people spread around the camp and you can customize the mech, too. The on-foot sections will push the gameplay forward to where you’ll use these instances to do things like sleep or move the day forward.

Camps will be where Annika upgrades the mech, have downtime to recoup, learn new abilities and so forth. The developers are calling the game a “chill and tranquil action-adventure game,” and I’m digging the description?

Stonefly is set to launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and P.