StockX Announcing Launch of Comic Books

StockX will now include the sale of comic books on the platform beginning today. After launching as an exclusive online sneaker reseller, the platform has expanded from its modest roots back in 2016 to become a leader in the global marketplace.

So while you can find a PlayStation 5 or a bag from Balenciaga, you can now also find vintage comics and special modern issues on the platform. StockX is allowing these items on the platform due to their cultural significance.

Some of the examples of what comics you’ll see on the marketplace include:

  • Marvel (Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, The Avengers, Incredible Hulk)
  • DC (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman)
  • Image (Spawn, Bitter Root, Saga)

The first Star Wars comic is on there, so is the first issue of Black Panther and Harley Quinn.

StockX is offering price transparency in its comic book category and provides real-time pricing data for every product in the catalogue, including complete sales history and volume metrics. And if you’re worried about the authenticity, StockX has each term verified by Certified Guaranty Company.