Stellar Blade Video Game Releases

Stellar Blade Launches April 26, 2024

Kicking off today’s State of Play was Stellar Blade, and we now know it is launching on April 26, 2024.

Stellar Blade stars Eve as she battles the Naytibas, an alien force destroying Earth, sending humanity to a space colony. Eve and her comrades land on the surface to reclaim the extinct Earth and cross paths with a survivor named Adam. Adam then leads Eve to the last surviving city, Xion, where she meets the elder of the town, Orcal and is told many stories. To serve her mission to save Earth, Eve develops close relationships with the key members of Xion and contributes to rebuilding the city.

Xion is a semi-open world, and it is connected to the Wasteland and Great Desert – both of which feature many secrets. As you cross these areas, Eve will help the people of Xion and complete goals for them.

Today’s demo features Eve gathering Hyper Cells, a massive energy source sustaining Xion. These are hidden throughout the field and help Xion survive.

Eve can also pick up items like Exospines or Gears and acquire SP EXP, which unlocks powerful skills. There are cosmetics, including costumes, accessories, and hairstyles.

The Digital Deluxe edition of Stellar Blade includes the game, as well as Stargazer Suit for Eve, Stargazer Wear for Adam, Stargazer Coat for Lily, Half-Rim Glasses for Eve, Quadruple Rectangle Earrings for Eve, Stargazer Pack for the Drone, 2,000 SP EXP and 5,000 Gold in-game currency to help you on your quest to reclaim Earth.