Stellar Blade Video Game Releases

After Releasing Prematurely, Stellar Blade’s Demo Is Now Launching March 29

After unexpectedly launching the Stellar Blade demo early and pulling it from consoles, Shift Up confirms the demo is launching on March 29.

Hyung Tae Kim, the director of Shift Up, has announced the release date for the demo of their upcoming game, Stellar Blade, through a post on the PlayStation Blog. The demo will include a portion of the early game, along with a tutorial and a single stage that leads up to the first boss fight. Players will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the game’s combat system before its release. The blog post also indicates that those who complete the demo will receive a surprise.

Stellar Blade stars Eve as she battles the Naytibas, an alien force destroying Earth, sending humanity to a space colony. Eve and her comrades land on the surface to reclaim the extinct Earth and cross paths with a survivor named Adam. Adam then leads Eve to the last surviving city, Xion, where she meets the elder of the town, Orcal and is told many stories. To serve her mission to save Earth, Eve develops close relationships with the key members of Xion and contributes to rebuilding the city.

The Stellar Blade demo will be available starting Friday, March 29 from 7 AM PT/10 AM ET.