Steelrising Has Been Delayed

Nacon and developer Spiders have revealed new gameplay for Steelrising over at Game Informer along with some bad news. While it’s only been several months since the initial reveal the game has been hit with a slight delay into September.

Set in an alternative reality in Paris, 789, the Revolution has been squashed by Louis XVI with an army of mechanical soldiers. As Aegis, you’ll go up against the king and set the course of history in the right direction.

Aegis is a bit of a technical marvel and was created by the Clockwork King — as an automation masterpiece, you have all the skills and technology to stop the royal brigade of enemies.

One thing that stands out is the setting — Assassin’s Creed Unity delivered one of the most spectacular settings, one brimming with detail and a sense of wonder. The late 18th century in France is a time period filled with turmoil but also beauty.

Spiders have done great work taking aspects and iterating on them with Steelrising.

We’ll have to wait until September 8 to see how the game turns out when Steelrising launches on PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series.