Starlink: Battle for Atlas Gets New Free Content

Surprise! Ubisoft’s got some good cheer to give out to everyone. Our local studio, Ubisoft Toronto, released Starlink: Battle for Atlas earlier this year to acclaim, and we loved the game for it’s inspiring developers, engaging technology, and a wonderful cameo that featured the Starfox squad.

The new content is available now and includes the following:

  • NEW ENEMY UNITS – All planets of the Atlas star system will receive brand new enemy types, introducing unique gameplay mechanics and encouraging players to adopt new strategies.
  • NEW ACTIVITY – Outlaw fortifications will appear all over Atlas for players to take down. This new activity will provide loot and experience upon completion.
  • PHOTO MODE – Players will be able to capture the favorite moments of their journey throughout Atlas and express their creativity with several tools to personalize their shots.

I’m excited to dive in and see how things have changed. It’s only been a month since I’ve been away but it’s nice to return to fresh content and any photo mode. I’m a sucker for a good photo!