This Month’s Starfield Update Drops on May 15, Adds More Detailed Maps, VRR Performance Mode on Xbox Series X, and More

Yesterday, during an interview with Kinda Funny, Todd Howard revealed we’d get some Starfield news this week on an upcoming update for the game. It wasn’t too long of a wait as Bethesda Games Studio has revealed in-depth details both in a blog post and a May update video revealing all changes coming to the game which is set to launch on May 15th.

Getting into the changes, probably the major change to the game is the addition of a performance mode for Xbox Series X only which when selected will allow players with 120hz displays to choose between frame rates of 30, 40, 50, or uncapped.

To get the most out of performance mode, Bethesda recommends playing on a VRR display, that’s not to say non-VRR players can’t play Starfield at 60fps but be warned screen tearing may occur on your non-VRR display of choice. Some other changes in the upcoming Starfield update include more detailed maps that show off more of the game’s environments and the addition of icons making it easier to get around the city; making getting lost less of an issue

For players looking more for a challenge, Bethesda has upped the ante with a new extreme difficulty alongside new customized options to gameplay including adjustments to damage, carry capacity, ammo weight, vendor credits, and more.

Other additions include an interior ship decoration mode, the addition of tabs to containers, changing your traits and appearance of your character, and a dialogue camera toggle in the setting that zooms more out when talking to NPCs. All of these changes and Starfield‘s many bug fixes are listed in detail in the blog post, so if interested please do check it out there..