Phil Spencer Reveals Starfield Hit 12 Million Players, Microsoft Plans To Support The Game For Years To Come

Spencer hopes Starfield is similar to Skyrim in longevity

With just one day shy from Starfield‘s September launch, Phil Spencer announced at Brazil’s entertainment and comic convention, CCXP, that the Bethesda Xbox exclusive has reached the milestone of 12 million players. Spencer adds that Starfield “still sits in our top 10 most-played games from our studios,” according to CCXP’s live stream.

Starfield‘s player count update comes after the game hit 10 million players just two weeks after launch, meaning during the fall, the game garnered an additional two million players during this busy time for game releases. The Xbox exclusive even propelled itself to the number one spot on September’s list of best-selling video games in Canada via ESA Canada.

While it’s been almost three months since the game’s launch, support for the game is not going anywhere as Spencer says it’s Microsoft Gaming’s goal to keep players coming back to play Starfield for years to come, similar to The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’s longevity. The first way that Microsoft supports the game is with DLC with the first expansion, Shattered Space, which is currently in development and has no official release date yet but is expected to sometime in early 2024.

“Skyrim is such an amazing hit from Bethesda Game Studios, and talking to Todd Howard and the team, really what they wanted to do is [to give] people who love space and space exploration the same opportunity,” Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said at CCXP.

Based on the numbers, Starfield has been hit for players on Game Pass. However, what players think about the game’s overall quality is different. Starfield has received over 82,000 user reviews on Steam; it has a mixed rating and a concurrent player peak of 333,000 during launch week on Valve’s platform. Most recently, the game has made headlines as the Bethesda Customer Support team has taken it upon themselves to respond to the negative Starfield reviews by “correcting players’ opinions” and saying that the player should give Starfield another chance, stating their employer’s 2023 game is actually good via Eurogamer.