Stardew Valley’s 1.4 Update Out Now

If you’ve been waiting patiently for Stardew Valley’s 1.4 updates to drop, guess what – it’s out today! According to creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, the “update not only adds new content and features to the game but improves the gameplay experience significantly with tons of “quality of life” features.”

It’s wonderful to see that this game is heavily supported to this day with new content, years after releasing it to the public.

Barone listed these changes on update 1.4’s main landing page and then linked to a spoiler-filled changelog with every change made to Stardew Valley.

  • Over 60 new items, some fun, some practical and some powerful
  • Added 24 new hairstyles, 181 new shirts, 35 new hats, 14 new pants, and 2 new boots
  • Junimo Kart has been almost completely re-done
  • Sheds can be upgraded to double their interior size
  • Added 2 new monsters and 2 new alternative levels to the mines
  • A new type of upgrade at the Blacksmith’s
  • An emote menu for your farmer (default key is Y)
  • Your collections tab now keeps track of all the letters you’ve received.
  • A button in the options menu that lets you take a screenshot of your entire farm.
  • Hundreds of bug fixes

Rounding out the update are 14 new music tracks and update 1.4 should arrive on consoles and mobile shortly.

Also, those on mobile should be wary of mobile and PC saves may have issues according to Barone’s tweet.