Stardew Valley Will Arrive On PlayStation Vita Next Year

The ever-popular Stardew Valley isn’t ready to go to pasture just yet. After releasing on the Nintendo Switch earlier this year, developer Chuckelfish confirms their charming farm simulator will also see a release on PlayStation Vita next year.

“A number of people have been curious about the PS Vita port we mentioned way back in January, and I’m happy to announce that a PS Vita port is actually happening! It’ll be available next year, and it’ll have cross-buy too, so if you’ve got Stardew Valley on Playstation 4 you won’t need to buy it again to play it on your PS Vita! However, it’s worth noting that we can’t port the multiplayer update to PS Vita.”

That’s some exciting news, as the Vita has been all but pushed aside and left to be forgotten. Also, if you purchased the game on PlayStation 4, you don’t need to purchase it again as it will be free.

There’s also multiplayer in the works, but the Vita version will not be supported, and the developers are aiming for Q1 2018 with their multiplayer beta.

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