Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s Content Detailed For Battlefront II

Battlefront II’s first season of content will center around The Last Jedi and will arrive in December.

The add-on content was detailed on EA’s blog and spoke about new maps, new characters and new campaign missions that will show the First Order’s rise to power, all free to current owners, as well as all future content.

All of this begins on December 5, just ten days before The Last Jedi’s theatrical run starts. On that day, players are given the choice of either the First Order or the Resistance – the choice is important, as this will select your faction and give rewards based on that.

On December 13 the single-player will see a new chapter starring Iden Versio during the early days of the First Order, and multiplayer will also see new maps, new heroes and new ships to fly.

Battlefront II launches on November 17.


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