Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars Outlaws’ Planets Are Huge And Filled With Opportunity

Not quite the Assassin's Creed map, but close, and with more direct interactions

It’s the next significant gaming chapter in the Star Wars universe, Star Wars OutlawsWe saw some of its gameplay earlier this year, and now a big name on the development team has revealed the size of some of the planets you’ll be blasting through as Kay. Taking place between two iconic movies, the game plays out just after The Empire Strikes Back and before Return Of The Jedi.

Creative director Julian Gerighty told Edge Magazine:

“It’s a crude analogy, but the size of one planet might be [equivalent to] two of the zones in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. It could be two to three zones.” He said the worlds will be “manageable in size for both the player and developer.” An important note for some gamers (like myself) who feel overwhelmed or lost when regions are too open.


Odyssey is one of a few titles from Ubisoft that has stuck with many gamers, an Assassin’s Creed that was still well received despite drifting further from its initial direction. How many planets will there be, and how “open” everything will be? That all remains to be seen. Most recently, Jedi Survivor opened things up for that series, though it sounds like the scale in Star Wars Outlaws could be even more significant.

It’s More Than Just Open Space

“We’re focusing on what ‘open world’ means to the player… which is full freedom of approach,” Gerighty says. He details to Edge that playing things slow and quiet, jumping onto a speeder, or pulling out a blaster to fight are all viable ways to solve or interact with a problem in front of you. With the added space, the options are there for the taking.

There are also factions you can get in tight with or become less friendly towards. Star Wars Outlaws will have underground or mafia-like groups you can work for or against. If you’re in their good books, Kay will earn some perks and bonuses, “You’ll unlock exclusive quests and access to locked-off areas. But if you’re in their bad books, they’ll send people to chase you down – and there’ll be consequences.”

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment say Star Wars Outlaws will release in 2024.