Star Wars Battlefront’s First Expansion Pack Arrives Early 2016


EA updated the Star Wars Battlefront website and now fans know more about what to expect from the first expansion pack. EA revealed that the first of four expansion will arrive to PS4, Xbox One and PC in early 2016. The four expansion packs are included in the $50 season pass. All four expansion packs will bring players; four more heroes and villains, 20 new galactic weapons and vehicles, 16 multiplayer maps featuring new locations, four exciting new game modes and the previously announced exclusive “shoot first” emote.

Star Wars Battlefront released on Nov 17 and the response from fans have been great. The season pass isn’t the only thing that fans are excited about. On Dec 1 fans that preordered the game will get the luxury of playing the Battle of Jakku map, those that didn’t will have it available on Dec 8. The first DLC map, Battle of Jakku, is not included in the Seasons Pass.